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game-poster-charliesLost in the shroud of the Russian winter; A young girl with magic powers teams up with an embittered woodcutter in a 2D puzzle, platformer. There are evil forces against them, determined to seize the girl at any opportunity, and as the hardships grow so does relationship of the girl and the woodcutter. A sisterly bond built as they progress to get the girl to safety.

Links to all posts are within the left sidebar, or alternatively, through the highlighted text below:

Navigation: This page, containing navigation for the blog

About Tale Of Two: A brief description of the game, containing further links to more detailed blogs

Scrum Weeks and Task Listings: Listing my personal tasks for dates throughout the project, and including my personal checklists and organisation notes. Under this heading, you will find several blog posts, listed and dated for each week’s tasks. 

In Progress: All TOT Tasks: THIS IS THE IMPORTANT SECTION. Each post is the progress of my work. Go from top to bottom to view the timeline of my progress.

Finished Assets:  Under this section, ou will find contact sheets of the finished assets that were ready to be put in game

Inquisition Inc: A new project for one week where I help Chase’s team with some artistic bits. This includes creating linkable maps for the main board.

Witches Craft: Another different project for a week. This was helping Bea’s team, and getting through some problems they faced. The journey of the project and how I helped is all explained within these blog posts.

Personal, Final Evaluation: This post is my end of semester evaluation on the progress of the team, and the progress of myself

Completed artwork for the full game and full unity build overviews will NOT be found here, but instead found in the blog linked here: